Osteophonic Voices

Osteophonic (osteo = bone, phonic = phonation or vocal sounds) voices resonate throughout the human skeleton with a unique sound quality. They make it possible to hear the full spectrum of human sound that can be expressed when successful in resonating at all vocal levels.

A particularity of these voices is that they send vibrations throughout the body, touching and enveloping the listener, penetrating straight to the heart. They are full, gentle, and warm voices.

By means of a natural bio-acoustic phenomenon, the listener becomes a participant in the resonance. That is to say that the participant feels the voices vibrating throughout his or her own body, like when a tuning fork begins to vibrate in concert with another.

This is an agreeable feeling and is even more perceptible because the sounds emitted are gentle and fill every inch of the human body, like a caress.

People who have listened to them bear witness to the feeling of well-being that is produced.

Listening to osteophonic voices encourages true relaxation, relaxation that generates a very general sense of improved well-being.

This first CD with Book in a series of three is aimed at children as young as 3 years. This is an educational, emotional and musical project also recommended for adults (family / teachers) who accompany them in their development.

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