“resonance” is a CD of musical voices without words. It emphasizes the fusion of bio-acoustic resonance as well as the full harmonic spectrum of the voice.

The composers and interpreters, Françoise Lombard and Michel Comeau, recorded, one by one, all of the osteophonic voices heard on the CD without any instrumental, electo-acoustic or other accompaniment.

The intimate and very human aspect of the music, as well as the diversity of the pieces, makes “resonance” a product that appeals to the general public (pregnant women, the elderly or people in palliative care, and children with neurological disorders).

More and more people are worn out and stressed by the rhythm of their daily lives. Many feel isolated.

Everyone is constantly running. It is time to take a break.

Take the time to listen; live in the present moment.

The music serves as a presence. It will appeal to anyone who appreciates emotionally moving experiences, and who is concerned with attending to his or her emotional well-being.

The human body is the loveliest of musical instruments. It is a resonator much like a cello, and the vibrations of osteophonic voices completely pervade its inner depths.