file Françoise Lombard - The Study of Listening

My professional life has evolved in conjunction with my personal growth, not only responding to my passion for teaching and pedagogy, and for my love of music, but also meeting my ever growing need for more insightful communication.

I completed piano and harmony studies at the Geneva Conservatory and have given performances in both chamber music and lyric repertoire. During this period, I also completed training in musical pedagogy: the “Eurhythmic” of Jaques-Dalcroze. This method awakened me to the pleasure of free expression in improvising on the piano. It also allowed me to gain pedagogical experience by training eurhythmic teachers in Biel-Bienne, in German-speaking Switzerland.

I then met François Louche, a musician and researcher, and the former assistant of Doctor Tomatis, the founder of “ostéophonie,” which became known as “the study of listening.” This work responded first of all to a personal need for self awareness within a more global approach encompassing all human needs. As a result, I was able to answer many of my questions about teaching and pedagogy. Four years of professional training allowed me to discover links between the individual (body, voice, self-expression) and music.

I have been living in Montreal and working in North America and Europe since 1990, teaching educators, performing artists, doctors, therapists, and other interested parties who want to develop a sense of personal presence and the ability to be conscious listeners in either their professional or private lives.

Because it is applicable in so many areas, and because of the unlimited possibilities conscious listening skills make possible, this work continues to provide the input and impetus for delving deeper into my research.

Work in an institutional environment:

  • Geneva Department of Public Education
    (Teacher training)
  • National Theatre School
    (Montréal, Canada)
  • Sherbrooke University
  • Saint-Laurent Cegep, Music School
    (Montréal, Canada)
  • Association of eurhythmic teachers
    (Remscheid, Germany)
  • Longy Music School
    (Cambridge, The United States of America)
  • Jaques-Dalcroze Institute
    (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Outremont and Katimavik Vocal Ensembles
    (Montréal, Canada)

In parallel to my work on the Study of Listening, I have resumed teaching the Dalcroze method since 2013 (Canada, Switzerland, Poland).

I also dedicate another part of my professional life to composing and producing music for documentaries and vocal creation (the "resonance" CD). The project of 3 CDs with Books for children is underway. The first volume is already available. By visiting the website, you can listen to samples of songs, enjoy the beautiful pictures of the trailer and make your order with a secure system.